AfterWork Case Studies

The Client was an International Financial Institution.


To raise awareness among Risk Managers based in Denmark on job opportunities located in Luxembourg and create a talent pipeline of qualified candidates interested in an expatriation.


  • The Danish employment market is very competitive
  • Target population is not very mobile


To organize an AfterWork between 6 and 9 pm in a selected hotel between 6 recruiters and 38 candidates. The candidates have been preselected through CV screening and in-depth telephone interviews. Through informal talks, scheduled meetings and group presentations, the Client was able to present its opportunities in an attractive way and preselect a group of qualified and mobile candidates to be integrated into its recruitment process.

pre-selected by CI after CV screening and telephone interviews.
pre-selected by the client
retained in pipeline
83% of the attending candidates enjoyed the afterwork
+34% found the client more attractive as a potential employer as a result of the project.