Afterworks & Recruitment Days

Meet face-to-face with the talent you need – anywhere in the world!


In recruitment, nothing can ever replace a face-to-face meeting. But how do you manage meeting the right people in the right place in a cost-efficient way? With Careers International! We take care of attracting and selecting the right people and handle all logistics. The result? You can focus on meeting the people you need to hire.

Tell us more about your objectives, target group and location, and we’ll get back to you with a bespoke event:


A relaxed event to tell your story to people who’ve expressed an interest in your organisation.

Recruitment day

An event that mirrors your recruitment process. Assess preselected candidates who applied to one of your vacancies and make them an offer.

What we do
for you


We do a detailed talent mapping to evaluate where we can attract enough relevant candidates

Sourcing , attraction, preselection

We identify and contact candidates online to generate applications. We manage all contacts until they apply.

We preselect the best on CV ( for Afterworks) and though a phone interview, possibly also via online tests or video interviews (for Recruitment Days).


We take the hassle out of the organization. We select the venue, negotiate the contract, send candidate invitations, set up the event and produce badges and programmes. We also send two representatives of Careers International to every event.




Allow a company to present itself and convince candidates to apply.

Help a company hire candidates


Bringing together recruiters and 15 to 40 preselected individuals in the city where you are most likely to find the talent you need. You meet shortlisted professionals in a relaxed environment, identify the best, and convince them to join your organization

Bringing together up to 15 preselected candidates in a convenient location. Shortlisted candidates go through a full assessment day that ends with a debriefing session to decide which candidates should receive an offer


Client premises or hotel

Client premises or hotel

Sourcing and selection

Strict on hard skills

Strict on hard skills, soft skills and motivation

Selection tools

CV screening and short qualification call

CV screening, in-depth phone interviews, possibly online tests


Number of relevant candidates who apply to your company as a result of the Afterwork

Number of hires




Based on the target group, location and number of candidates to attract

Based on the target group, location and number of candidates to attract

Candidate travel expenses

Covered by candidates (usually)

Covered by company


8/10 weeks from project kick-off

10/12 weeks from project kick-off

Why your company should do this

You go where the talent you need is. Without the Afterwork, you wouldn’t have met them. The Afterwork allows you to tell your story, present career opportunities, and convince the candidates to apply

Make your recruitment process more efficient by meeting with preselected candidates in one day and make offers afterwards

Why candidates should do this

Often, curiosity leads to unexpected great opportunities. They may well meet their next employer during an Afterwork. They join and hear their story

If they want a great job with your company, a Recruitment Day is the place to be. Candidates with the right profile are invited to take part in a one-day assessment with others and have a unique chance to prove they are the right fit

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