Online events

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For 4 years – through 200 online recruiting events – we have helped companies
humanise their hiring process to attract passive jobseekers 
by bringing forward their teams and expertise.  Anywhere, anytime.

We activate untapped passive talent

We strongly believe that the lack of meaningful human engagement early on in the hiring process limits the capacity of recruiters to attract passive jobseekers. Technology makes it impersonal and 95% of companies build their brand around sanitised one-size-fits-all corporate marketing and job postings.

Therefore, companies struggle to hire the best talent on the market. With Careers International’s jobinar (formerly OneDayWith) online events, companies activate talent that would not normally apply to their jobs otherwise, so allowing them to hire among a better pool of candidates.

Meaningful human engagement 95%

candidates gave us positive feedback

Impact on brand attractiveness+35%

participants on average would work for the client in question

Increase of talent pools +90%

of new talent for clients (mainly passive jobseekers)

Employer brand vs competition+30%

of participants would work for the client in question versus other recruiters in the same sector

Online recruitment are useful in many ways

Campus recruitment

No travel costs, no fare fees – freedom of choice of timing for interaction between senior management and selected students from any university.

Recruitment campaings

Human engagement supporting other marketing activities – this makes in-house recruitment more efficient.

Support to referral programmes

Referral through meaningful message – “Learn from my employer!” this encourages people to activate their networks.

In place of recruiting agencies

Allows interaction between candidates and business leaders at the start of the search and is cheaper than traditional methods.

Internal mobility

Smart presentation of jobs to existing staff is a unique solution to boost internal hiring.

A business model in line with major market trends

All candidates are online

Engagement with professionals has moved online for most profiles, in most countries. The “LinkedIn Revolution” enables the most targeted online events.

Technology and hR

Technology is central to corporate recruitment processes (ATS, CRM, and Video Interviews) and extended globally.

Online events can also be an additional tool integrated into the process of recruitment services.


Generations Y and Z are heavy users of social networks and expect interaction and transparency. Online events are the most cost-effective way to engage live with candidates.

Bringing back the Human Touch

Technology has dehumanised the contact with candidates: sanitised corporate marketing, cold application process, poor candidate follow-up. Online events bring back the human touch by introducing the engagement between recruiters and candidates.

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